Super Mario 3 is 25 and we’re watching The Wizard!

On this day in 1990, “Super Mario Bros. 3” hit store shelves in the United States destined to become arguably the best known and loved video game in history! Upon release, the game was hailed a triumph by the video game press and by 1993, the game had sold over 7 million units in the United States and even more world wide; In the United States alone, the game generated over US$500 million in revenue for Nintendo!

Some have attributed SMB3’s early success to the feature film “The Wizard”, released a year earlier and which contained a 30 minute sequence which the main characters of the film compete in a video game tournament where the people of 1989 got a sneak peak at the all new Super Mario 3! Although we know Mario 3 would have been a huge hit regardless of The Wizard, we thought what better way to celebrate Mario’s Anniversary than to go back a take a look at what the West’s first look at Mario 3 was like!

SPOILER ALERT! This scene happens near the end of the film so if you haven’t seen it maybe don’t watch or go watch the DVD first! 😉