The Lost Episodes or: My computer ate my homework…

I have always been a huge supporter and a major fan of control+S or command+S, depending on what system you happen to be using; yes, I’m of a weird sub species of people that manages to quite happily and efficiently use both Mac’s and PC’s in my day to day life. It’s pretty weird I know but that is what I do! Anyway, normally life is great with c+S by my side… that was until I decided to start making Youtube videos. Sad face emoticon.

Throughout our reasonable but short time on Youtube, countless hours of filming and editing has been lost. There has even been several whole episodes that we have captured and at the very last moment at some cruel twist of fate all trace of that actually happening has been wiped out; torn from our grasp!

I can fix it!

Some of you who have done your homework might be thinking, “Hey Pixeldroid, It’s not so bad my friend! You can recover those files if you know what to do!” to which you are about 10% correct I would say. It certainly is a joyous day in the editing room when film once thought lost has again been found. But alas, these days are few and far between. Oh dear.

So in truth, this is really just a long winded way of me telling you that we dun screwed up the video today and so we will be re-doing it for you all tomorrow. 😉 We hope you are happy, but remember:- try to spare a thought for all the lost youtube footage and all the poor crying youtubers that are sad that their computer ate their work. Poor little tubies…

See you tomorrow for a new PvsP!!

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